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Thrilling Rides and Shaded Sides

Amusement Park

Hot sun, adrenaline, and long lines combine for the risk of heat exhaustion at amusement parks. No one wants to spend time at the park health services on an exciting day. Park architects can do season pass holders a favor: use shade cloth to style and shade in the park. This will prevent sunburn, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke.

Increase the comfort of both staff and park guests. Shade cloth can lessen the intensity of harsh UV rays. Cloth density of 50-70% can make the intense sun bearable while waiting in line for rides. Though this may not sound like a lot, the impact can be huge. Lines at popular amusement parks can sometimes be up to three to four hours long. While waiting in line, guests do not have access to water- and let’s be honest. If you have been in line for two hours, you will not focus on hydration. If shade were possible while in line for rides, guests could be comfortable and safe- they would not even mind the wait!


Providing shade spots throughout the park is not only beneficial for brave riders. Those who prefer safety with their feet on the ground should also be comfortable waiting for riders. Shade spots feel like a haven after hours in the sun. Not only do they feel great, but the shade cloth looks great as it comes in many bright colors. Allow shade cloth to feel great for your park guests, and look great to increase your curb appeal.

If guests at your park feel comfortable, they are more likely to return and face thrilling rides. Shade cloth can increase guest satisfaction even on the hottest days. This can increase guest turnout no matter the intensity of the sun. Patrons will spread the word to their friends, “the lines were long, but at least they were comfortable!”

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