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Outsmart Mother Nature and Plant Your Dream Garden Anywhere


Summer is a great time to dig into a new hobby. The combination of rain and shine makes gardening a perfect seasonal activity. Gardening is a fulfilling hobby where the outcome can save a trip to the grocery store. With rising gas prices, it makes sense to seek an option for eating veggies from your backyard. However, learning to garden takes time, experience, and patience.

Gardening creates a sustainable environment in your backyard. Plenty of research ensures you will set up your garden for success. The bright summer sun can make or break the quality of your garden. While some plants thrive in lots of sunlight, others prefer growing in the shade.

Sun Exposure: Problem

Every plant requires different amounts of time exposed to sunlight. Most plants tend to favor four to six hours of sunlight. Others thrive with more sunlight, while some favor less sunlight. Plants may prefer five sunlight variations: full sun, partial sun, partial shade, dappled sun, and full shade.


Full sun plants need at least six hours of sunlight. They favor the strength of the afternoon sun. Examples of these plants include succulents, salvia, and vegetables.

Partial sun plants need between four and six hours of sunlight. The intensity level is lower, and morning sunlight aids growth. Flowering plants are a great example of partial sun plants.

Partial shade plants can become overwhelmed by the sun. Less than four hours of direct sunlight is all that this plant requires. Sunny mornings and shady afternoons are ideal for these plants. Azaleas, Rhododendrons, and Macrophylla Hydrangeas are plants that thrive in partial shade.

Dappled sun plants are few and far between, but they still exist, which is crucial to their needs. These sun-phobic plants can thrive with sunlight that passes through the leaves of a tree. Morning to early afternoon light intensity is enough for these plants. However, less than an hour of dappled sunlight is essential for these plants to grow their roots in their new home. Lamb’s Ear, Coral Bells, and Soapworts are examples of plants that thrive in dappled sun.


Full shade plants still need minimal sunlight per day. Three hours a day allows these plants to thrive. Once established, these plants are low maintenance. These plants include Shrubs, Perennials, Annuals, and Ground Covers.

The United States encompasses diverse sun exposure and light intensity in various regions. It can be challenging to grow specific plants in different areas, but not impossible. In states where sunshine is bountiful, induced shade is possible. Such shade will allow unique plants to lourish.

Too Much Sun? Still, Get Your Planting Done

Even if you have too much sun, growing the garden you desire is not impossible. With some extra work, mimic Mother Nature and provide the amount of sunlight your plants need. Prevent your plants from sunburn, and allow them to live their best life.

Greenhouses located with little shade are likely to use this technique. If you live in an area with intense sun, you can install shade cloth to enhance your garden experience. Shade cloth has a density range from 50%-70% to provide filtration of UV rays. This lowers the intensity of the sunlight for your shade-loving plants to adapt successfully.

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