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Our Standards Exceed OSHA 1926.105 Requirements

Debris Netting Rolls

OSHA 1926 defines the regulations for health and safety in the construction industry. There are 28 subparts of criteria that describe specific safety regulations. These industry-specific requirements ensure that each niche in construction follows safety guidelines. Understanding relevant subparts can prevent safety issues in targeted fields.

Subpart E outlines the equipment needed for personal protection that saves lives. At US Netting, our goal is to provide safety nets to prevent falls and accidents. Our product engineers expand on OSHA regulations whenever designing products. This allows our fall safety net to be not only a reliable but essential piece of equipment.

Falling debris hazard

OSHA regulations and our fall safety net specifications are as follows:


Safety nets shall be provided when workplaces are more than 25 feet above the ground or water surface, or other surfaces where the use of ladders, scaffolds, catch platforms, temporary floors, safety lines, or safety belts is impractical.

Our personnel safety net's design protects workers from falls up to 30 feet. This provides safety in settings where a safety belt is not an ideal solution for fall safety.


Where safety net protection is required by this part, operations shall not be undertaken until the net is in place and has been tested.

Our product's design has undergone successful performance testing. Before relying on any product, it is vital to ensure safety by performing a test. Our drop test on a 400 lbs bag of sand was successful at various heights.



Nets shall extend 8 feet beyond the edge of the work surface where employees are exposed and shall be installed as close under the work surface as practical but in no case more than 25 feet below such work surface. Nets shall be hung with sufficient clearance to prevent user's contact with the surfaces or structures below. Such clearances shall be determined by impact load testing.

Debris Net Installation

Our personnel safety nets are available in custom sizes or standard panels. The smallest size of our panel extends 10 feet and is 5 feet long. The width of our net exceeds OSHA requirements by 2 feet.

We recommend a 10 feet clearance to prevent impact from the below surface. Impact load testing assures support needed.


It is intended that only one level of nets be required for bridge construction.

Our personnel safety nets provide complete protection in various working settings.


The mesh size of nets shall not exceed 6 inches by 6 inches. All new nets shall meet accepted performance standards of 17,500 foot-pounds minimum impact resistance as determined and certified by the manufacturers, and shall bear a label of proof test. Edge ropes shall provide a minimum breaking strength of 5,000 pounds.

The mesh size of our personnel safety netting is 3 1/2 inches. This ensures the protection of the worker from appendages falling through the net. Successful impact testing at 17,500 lbs meets OSHA requirements. Each fall safety net contains a metal tag that includes:

  • Serial number
  • Manufacturing Date
  • Composition
  • Prototype Test Date

Meeting testing at 7,000 lbs, our 1/2 inch border easily exceeds OSHA edge rope requirements.


Forged steel safety hooks or shackles shall be used to fasten the net to its supports.

Zinc plated steel snap hooks installed on the net fasten the net to supports. Our snap hooks have sustained testing at 2,200 lbs. Installed every 4 feet on our fall safety net, assurance of safety is present.


Connections between net panels shall develop the full strength of the net.

Whenever using a safety net as an attachment point for another, snap hooks should have 6-inch spacing. This ensures the maintenance of complete net integrity and safety.


Meeting OSHA regulations prevents citations. Going the extra step can be life-saving. This extra step toward safety is something we are passionate about at US Netting. Allow us to provide you with safety equipment that will go beyond your beliefs. Our personnel fall safety net will make safety implementation possible on your job site.

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