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Warehouse Wednesday: Guardrail Systems that Defend Beyond the Dock

Protective Bollard Net System

It is always safer to do more than to do less. If you are debating introducing more safety systems in your warehouse, you need one. Debating the safety status is the first sign of knowing there is more that you can do to make your warehouse safer. Warehouse safety is not a one-time fix. The constant development of your team and productivity can introduce expansion. This would create a need for more safety products.

Improvement can happen no matter what stage of safety development you are at. Safety solutions are also versatile and can meet different requirements depending on installation.

Getting caught between equipment is a common fatal accident. An estimated 2% of deaths resulted in an employee caught between two closing hazards. This includes clothes caught in machinery, cornered by a forklift, or suffocation in trenches. In a warehouse, the equipment can be the most significant threat to this fatal four accident.

Net safety from machinery

If you are unsure whether a safety barrier system is right for you, consider the following:

Scenario #1:
An employee walking through a warehouse fails to avoid an active forklift. They find themselves between the forklift in reverse and a wall.

Scenario #2:
A forklift driver loses control of the vehicle and crashes into dangerous equipment. Costing the forklift, machine, and the life of the employee.

Scenario #3:
An inexperienced employee enters a dangerous unmarked zone. They become injured after getting caught in the machinery.

Scenario #4:
A forklift attempting to lift material to an upper-level shelf gets too close to the unit. This accident causes materials to fall onto the forklift and surrounding area.

Forklift Barrier

These scenarios are not exhaustive. It is impossible to account for every potential accident that could occur. The common theme amongst these four scenarios and more is that they are preventable. Safety barriers that are custom-designed for a specific warehouse layout to prevent accidents.

The best action to improve warehouse safety is to integrate a system that can:

  • Prevent employees from entering a danger zone
  • Stop a forklift
  • Customize to your warehouse layout

This is the best protection that any warehouse can put in place. The warehouse barrier net system can stop a forklift from any net attached to two steel bollards. The protection available with this need goes beyond everyday needs.

Not only is this system effective, but it is also efficient. The configuration calculator determines:

  • How many attachment points you need
  • What type (bollard or bracket)
  • Size of net
  • Quantity of nets

This practical, customized guide allows for outstanding warehouse protection.

The guardrail system we have designed has gone beyond the loading dock. This safety barrier system prevents half of the fatal four accidents.

Tested for OSHA requirements and safety, this net can prevent:

  • Forklift accidents
  • Falls into machinery
  • Caught between forklift or machinery
  • Guardrail accidents

The protective bollard system prevents asset damage while also providing accessibility. Snap hooks attaching to either bollard or wall brackets allow the net to work or go on recess.

Additionally, protect your warehouse from tripping hazards. Having the net system in place is a great first step to ensuring that danger zones are not entered. Yet, it is best to prevent tripping hazards with a net storage device whenever the net is not in place.

Designed for the provided bollards, this device is a great way to reduce tripping hazards. Prevention surrounding machinery is vital.

Ensuring that there are no warehouse hazards can be stressful. This design is customizable and can suit your needs. Do not hesitate to make your warehouse safer. Before using the configuration calculator, determine the size and location of needed protection. After that, allow your warehouse barrier net system to work for you and keep your warehouse safe.

Warehouse Net Protection

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