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Hatch Net Safety: Guide for Fall Solution

Rectangular Multi Bracket Hatch Net

Hatch Safety Nets can cause a significant decrease in danger surrounding maintenance holes. Hazards without utility hole protection include, but are not limited to:

  • Prevent falling 3-6 feet into manhole
  • Inhaling toxic chemicals
  • Drowning in sewage water
  • Being swept for miles by sewage current

These issues present clarity that maintenance holes need safety implementation to reduce accidents.

US Netting designed a line of products to prevent severe accidents from occurring. Yet, it is not enough for the products to exist. This guide outlines the differences between systems. It is essential to ensure safety implementation is successful.

Below is a chart to help determine the best product for your needs:

Hatch Net Easy Guide
Aluminum Rail Hatch Net

The chart reflects two important categories whenever choosing an effective hatch system.The shape of the opening is an essential indicator to choosing your hatch safety product. Our multi-bracket system is effective in hatch settings both with and without obstructions present.

The multi-bracket hatch system has versatile applications and can be used in settings with or without an obstruction. Installing a system with many brackets is effective. This allows for the bracket installation to be around the obstacle. Attaching on either side of the obstruction can keep safety measures present. This is an excellent approach as the hassle of removing obstruction is not needed with this solution. The multi-hatch net’s versatile use ensures an effective solution for all utility hole openings.

If the shape of an opening is rectangular, it is essential to obtain a rectangular net that fits the dimensions of the opening. Likewise, a circular opening requires a net that matches the diameter of the space. Again, ensuring the net's correct shape is crucial to provide a safe solution that will work.

Maintenance holes often contain dangerous gasses, such as the following:

  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Hydrogen Sulfide
  • Methane
Round Hatch Safety Net

These gasses are dangerous as they can cause death or severe lung damage upon exposure. Additionally, they create a corrosive atmosphere. Maintenance hole covers consist of heavy-duty material, including concrete and cast iron. Such material can withstand harsh chemical exposure. This consideration was present when engineering our hatch safety system. The hardware that attaches to the edges of the opening is stainless steel.

Stainless steel is resilient to harsh environments, such as sewage systems. This prevents the hardware from deteriorating and ensures the longevity of use and safety.

Safety systems in areas with hatch openings are essential to prevent falls whenever working or walking in the area. These settings could include the floor of the roof or the sidewalk outside. No matter the circumstance needs to protect individuals from falling.

A safety net that prevents falls in the middle of an area workers need to access may not sound ideal. But, it is essential to keep in mind that the design of this system provides easy access. The multi-bracket system can hook to the bracket or unhook for easy access. Making this solution effective for all job-sites.

Thus, those who have entered the hatch can do so effectively. In the meantime, those who are monitoring the area from above do not have to worry about falling.

Safety should remain a top priority. Doing so the correct way the first time is the best way to stay effective. This guide allows for a simple visual on determining what safety solution is right for you.

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