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Warehouse Wednesday: Rack Safety Solutions

Warehouse Racking

Limited storage space is a common issue in warehouses.

The solution? Pallet racking that builds up. Racks that contain equipment, products, tools, and packaging are standard in warehouses. Some warehouse designs provide separation between storage and working areas. While other warehouses integrate a system where workers walk below racks of storage.

This may seem to be an effective solution. Yet, issues lie during the unloading and loading process of the racks. Individuals walking beside a rack face the danger of becoming struck by a falling object. Falling products or equipment could cause serious injury or death.

Such accidents are likely to occur during the loading and unloading process. This poses a severe yet preventable risk to safety. Pallet rack guards can prevent the product from falling. Such installation is simple yet is an effective mechanism for avoiding warehouse accidents.

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We offer two types of rack safety nets at U.S. Netting

Plastic rack netting is available in rolls and installed on existing racks. Another option would be the knotted nylon rack safety netting. Available in medium or heavy-duty, these nets can attach to panels and have a rope border. This allows for an implementation that provides security for your racks. There are many size options available for the knotted nylon rack netting.

Pallet rack guards are essential in any warehouse that utilizes height for storage. Not only are they a great way to enhance safety, but OSHA also requires them:

Rack Safety Netting

OSHA enforces the duty to have fall protection.


"Protection from falling objects." When an employee is exposed to falling objects, the employer shall have each employee wear a hard hat and shall implement one of the following measures:


Erect toeboards, screens, or guardrail systems to prevent objects from falling from higher levels; or,


Erect a canopy structure and keep potential fall objects far enough from the edge of the higher level so that those objects would not go over the edge if they were accidentally displaced; or,


Barricade the area where objects could fall, prohibit employees from entering the barricaded area, and keep things that may fall far away from the edge of a higher level so that those objects would not go over the edge if they were accidentally displaced.

The vitality of pallet guards resonates with warehouse safety. Accidents can occur even when:

  • Communication is clear
  • Forklift operators are cautious
  • Workers are aware that loading operations

Obtaining rack netting takes a click or call. Investing in safety to the greatest extent requires proper installation. Proper installation ensures the safety of employees and prevents product loss.

For plastic rack netting:

  1. Measure the area you would like to protect.
  2. Roll out the pallet netting in front of the desired rack.
  3. Use tin snips or a razor knife to cut off the unstable part of the netting.
  4. Choose one upper corner to fasten.
  5. Go along the perimeter with zip ties every 6 to 12 inches.
  6. Snip off excess netting and ties.

For knotted nylon rack netting:

  1. Lay the net out fully in front of the desired rack.
  2. Choose one upper corner to fasten.
  3. Fasten to the opposite upper corner.
  4. Using zip ties, fasten in lengths of 6 to 12 inches on the perimeter on every other side.

Rack Safety Attachment

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