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What Can You Use A Cargo Net For?

Cargo netting is one of the most versatile products out there with an almost endless array of materials, configurations, and hardware options. The capabilities of cargo netting also vary depending on the specifics of the job it’s being required to do. Cargo, by definition, is goods transported by land, air, and sea but there are plenty of other uses for cargo netting. When combined with other products, like a Kevlar™ blanket, for example, it is nearly unstoppable.

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Kevlar Cargo Nets

Kevlar™ Nets

Kevlar cargo nets are superior in an industrial environment. They can withstand applications in extreme conditions such as high heat, abrasion, and strength. We have made Kevlar™ cargo nets for a variety of high-stress applications like wrapping enormous impeller housing to stop debris should the housing burst once the inner steel walls start to wear. While this is certainly impressive, cargo netting can also be found in more entertaining situations.

Cargo Nets for Climbers

Rope Cargo Nets

Have you ever done an obstacle course race? If you have, chances are you either climbed, crawled under, or flipped onto a cargo net. Even though you can choose from a variety of colors, these nets are most commonly black and are typically made from polyester webbing. You may have even encountered a rope cargo net which is also a popular product for obstacle courses.

Even our elementary generation can enjoy cargo and rope cargo nets when they are installed at playgrounds and amusement centers as climbing nets. They can even be found in animal enclosures at zoos around the country. But of course, the most well-known purpose of cargo netting is to haul cargo.

Cargo Nets for Air Lifting

Cargo Nets for Transportation

The goods we find on the shelves of our favorite store or the shipment of supplies to your workplace were once considered cargo and all arrived after a journey on ships, trucks, and/or planes. Cargo can technically be anything, even livestock, and cargo netting is used in a couple of different ways to ensure it arrives safely. On the ground, the netting can be wrapped around cargo to keep things stable while in transport or it can be used over flatbeds, dump trucks, or truckbeds to secure cargo or prevent loose debris from entering the roadway. It can also be attached to points within a trailer to separate shipments or at the open end of a trailer.

In the air and on the sea, cargo netting is used in a similar way to keep shipments stable while in transport. They are often secured with hooks or buckles to eliminate movement until the goods have reached the next step in their journey. For delivery to ships or other areas via helicopter, often seen in the military, our cargo lifting nets get the job done with a lifting capacity starting at 4,500 lbs. up to 50,000 lbs. with our jumbo lifting nets.

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Cargo Nets for Transportation

These are only a fraction of the types of things a cargo net can be used for. We at US Netting are experts in cargo netting and if you’ve got a cargo netting need, we can help. Our products, which are made in the USA, include cargo nets, cargo netting rolls, military-grade cargo lifting nets, commercial-grade cargo lifting nets, jumbo lifting nets, truck cargo nets, truck cargo net kits, truck and trailer cargo nets, rope cargo nets, Kevlar cargo nets, and E-track freight cargo nets. We can also create custom solutions to suit any project. Check out our cargo netting page now to see what options or products suit your needs.

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