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Netting News #36: Till The Cows Come Home

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Till the Cows Come Home

Extreme weather has been in the news a lot lately, and it’s seldom fun for anyone or anything that goes through it. However, with winter coming many of us humans can escape the freezing temperatures and snow, but animals and livestock don’t always enjoy the same creature comforts.

The number one way to keep animals and livestock from the stress, discomfort, and illness that accompany cold weather is to keep them safe inside a barn or other shelter. It’s also essential that the shelter they are provided with is accommodating to them, as a cramped or poorly maintained structure is little better than the harsh environment outside.

Other things to consider: Fresh and clean water is essential to prevent dehydration. Food mold is no good--you don’t want to eat it, and certainly the animals don’t either, as it can make them very ill. Finally, rest is essential. Just as you need sleep, they need sleep too.

Three Cows looking at the Camera

Construction Incident

Last week WPVI Action News, a local affiliate of ABC, reported that a beam fell upon a person at a construction site in Collegeville, a town in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. The incident occurred around 11:45 a.m. Thursday morning where a high angle rescue placed the victim upon a stretcher down a ladder and into an ambulance.

At this time we have no information on the victim's condition or injuries.

In the Path of Destruction


UCS Analysis has released a map of over 650 energy and industrial facilities that have been exposed by Hurricane Harvey’s floodwater. The overabundance of rainwater that fell in Texas and Louisiana during the hurricane has left a massive toll on the region’s residents and will continue to affect the region for years to come as relief and rebuilding takes place.

However, these 650 industrial sites will affect the area's economy and infrastructure more than ever. Many companies are without emergency plans or funds to rebuild quickly and get back on their feet in the market.

A great deal of the facilities exposed to flooding are chemical, and the EPA’s Toxic Release Inventory program lists over 4,500 facilities in the Texas and Louisiana area alone. Before the storm even hit many of the facilities had to shut their doors and preemptively release toxic chemicals. In the fast shutdown and the storm at Arkema’s Crosby, TX facility, explosions were reported during the storm and will be researched as part of the Risk Management Program. Hopefully, these Houston-based companies and industrial buildings can get back on their feet.

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