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Netting News #27: What Makes Us Great?

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Inventions That Make America Great

This week we have celebrated the independence of our great nation in the 241 years that we have been a growing global super power we have made contributions to the entire world with some of the greatest inventions. Even within the last 50 years! Here are just a few examples:

  • The Personal Computer (1971) While many may think the first computer was built by Bill Gates or Steve Jobs it can be dated back to the Kenback-1 invented by a man named John V. Blankenbaker, his device is known as the first Personal Computer in the world.
  • The Space Shuttle (1981) That’s right the United States was the first to build a low Earth orbital spacecraft system. Thanks to our friends at NASA who brought us to the moon.
  • The fully Artificial Heart (2001) While medical science has skyrocketed in the last 20 years it is one thing that many times gets overlooked. In 2001 AbioCor a company out of Massachusetts was able to create a fully implantable heart. The heart was put into a man by the name of Robert Tools he lived 151 days after the implant and suffered a fatal stroke.

Many different things have changed our lives. From our cell phones to family each one of the small items that we keep in our lives deserve a second look, another examination, or just an all over change.

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Beat the Heat with Shade Cloth

It’s all in the name! Shade cloth is created to cast a UV resistant and lockstitch design. That can reduce wind speed, heat build-up, and all while being cost efficient and economical. However, not all shade cloth is treated the same.

If you look for deeper into shade cloth the first two things you notice is that they have different colors and densities. What color shade cloth is best for my backyard patio? That would be white. While black will resist the sun's UV rays and is a very versatile choice, it’s not going to do you well unless you wish to hold onto the heat and if your patio is a greenhouse or outdoor pool that will not help much in the heat of summer. However White won’t resist as much of the UV rays however things will be much cooler and is ideal for locations such as tennis courts or in this case back patios.

Density is another large choice within shade cloth that you can learn about how to choose your shade cloth anything from 30%-60% is used for plants while items above 70% tend to be livestock, humans or hearty plants such as evergreens or palms.

Each application is unique; not every location will use the same color or density. So how do I know I’m ordering the right thing? Give our sales team a call at 1-800-331-2973 for a custom quote on your backyard patio or greenhouse.


The Model Three

Tesla, one of the largest and well-known new companies to break the bounds of technology and consumer products, is finally ready to release something new to many different individuals. According to Elon Musk on last week the announcement of his fully electric Model 3 is going to finally hit with its first round of deliveries to the many who pre-ordered this low cost $35,000 vehicle.

Until now Tesla has been keeping forward on the Model S Luxury Cars a $100,000. This master plan Mr. Musk has built a whole new company with a blueprint of moving consumers and pushing the boundaries of electric vehicles. Currently, the Goal for the Model 3 and Model S is around 500,000 vehicles produced in 2018 that’s over 40,000 cars per week.

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