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Netting News #21

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As of the past few months, the United States economy has been in a boom. While the stock market has had it’s ups and downs the main thing is that we are moving up.

A few weeks ago a retail sales reports filled the hopes of many consumers and economic experts. The report shows a shift in the housing market and has revealed that housing and manufactured housing has been boosted as well.

House hunting traffic has grown in the first three months of the year as well as an elevated amount of mortgage applications. This increase can be noted from a growing income and steady jobs in our country. Along with steady incomes, the want for newer homes has exploded, and the report is showing a 3.2% rise in housing for the first three months.

Fire Resistant

Spring is here and the landscaping season has begun. That also means for many that wildfires are soon to come. A fire can cause millions of dollars in damage as well as hundreds of family members losing their home.

However, you can create a natural fire barrier to help protect from damages. With the cleaning up of leaves and debris from the yard as well as routine mowing and trimming. This maintenance is also a chance to give many of your plants some water as well as your lawn as a green lawn and plants can prevent fires from spreading too fast and buying you and your family precious seconds when an emergency arises.

Creating this defense zone, you will have peace of mind knowing your home is protected.

Space Travel

Photo of the XS-1

The US Military’s new XS-1 Spaceplane is being built by Boeing and has been titled the Phantom Express. This project is planned to reduce the coast of launches by $5 million per flight. Shaped like a traditional airplane the XS-1 would be anything but the traditional being able to launch ten times in ten days and carry up to 3,000-lb satellites into orbit.

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