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Netting News #20: Making Space

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Made in Space

Nasa Photograph

A California-based company named Made in Space has come up with an interesting way to develop new technology in space. Currently, they are the owners and operates the 3-D printer onboard the International Space Station (ISS).

Made in Space is now developing a new way to advance technology in space with a project called Archinaut. The idea is to be able to create large structures in space. This technology is the ideal way to progress our growing need in space for upgraded equipment and manufactured parts. This tipping point will allow “space-optimized” items rather than items made to survive a launch into space.

Show Off

In the coming weeks, the Paris Air Show will be here. Some of the largest names in Aerospace will come together for high flying fun! During this event, many manufacturers take a few moments to show off, its newest technology.

Lockheed Martin pilots will be showing off the latest F-35A this is the first aerial demonstration of the air show week. The F-35A can hit a max speed of 1,199MPH, and only 231 of them have been made as of March of 2017.

NYC Safety Bill

Construction Site

In the field of construction laws, regulations, and standards can be very demanding or overbearing. New York City has passed a new safety bill. For individuals and companies that don’t comply to this can face up to a $25,000 fine.

The new bill focuses on worker safety. Every person who is injured or killed in an accident will be required to submit a form to the Department of Buildings. On top of this, the city will now be required to report, track, and publish a full list of accident-related deaths and injuries on the site. The new law is a lot like OSHA and how they handle different incidents in the industrial and construction workplace.

The new regulation should not be a tough task or change in day to day operations but more paperwork in the event of an accident.

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