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The Allianz World Championship 2017

Watch the six high energy drone races of the 2017 Allianz World Championship this June on ESPN. The world's top 16 pilots will compete on an international circuit of the most insane race courses. Racers will be fighting to crown the 2017 DRL World Champion.

The Allianz World Championship will air 12 1-hour long shows that will end in one very excited drone racing professional winning a six-figure salary, along with the new title "Worlds Greatest Drone Pilot" for the 2018 DRL season. Broadcast channels include ESPN/ESPN2 here in North America. The episodes will start airing on June 20.

A New Drone!

An addition to the 2017 season is the new Racer3 racing drone that is designed and built in-house by engineers and drone experts. DRL is working diligently to push the envelope of FPV or first-person view flight. The LEDs will blur around the courses at speeds above 90MPH, thanks partly to the now doubled the thrust of the Racer3. The agility gained from the added boost allows the Racer3 to make tighter turns for more spectacular courses.

Keep the excitement growing

In the past, when drones crashed they were surely out for the rest of the race. DRL engineers have now added a new carbon fiber hood to allow a drone to take hits and get back in action. The advances should help make the drone races a bit more exciting.

Check out some of the new content the DRL is putting out. View the 2017 season trailer below as well as a preview of the Racer3.

Season Preview Video

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