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Netting News #16: Farming for Sun

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Farmers for Sunshine

Solar Panels Photo by Jason Blackeye

American farming agriculture and manufacturing have built this country from day one. However, now that our technology has become more advanced, our vast fields are changing slowly from farmlands to sharing the space with solar fields.

Since 2010, the cost of installing a solar panel has plummeted by over 50 percent. The reduction in price is a huge step forward for the economy of our developing country. One large family-owned dairy company in Maine installed one of the largest solar thermal systems in the U.S. which reduced heating costs by up to $20,000 a year.

Since 1982, twenty-four million acres of agricultural land has been used up for solar development. The idea that nearly 2% of our farmland is disappearing is a tough pill to swallow. Solar farms do help our country grow and support green energy. Hopefully more innovation will allow agriculture and solar development to continue side by side.

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Drone Mapping

Flying a drone around to inspect your crops and farmland is not a new concept. However, the data management company for drones called DroneDeploy has released a tool called Fieldscanner.

This app makes it simple to draw out a flight plan a satellite map. The application is perfect for owners to set up a pattern or do many flyovers of a flooded area of land. Farmers can inspect all aspects of their fields from afar and quickly troubleshoot problems that may be lurking.

Netting Rivals

Debris Netting on Norwich City Hall Photo by David R Gray

Rival towns have always been out to get under each other's skin. Be it in the form of a simple football game or putting up silly billboards across town supporting that hometown pride. One small town decided to stand up for their hometown soccer team in England in one crazy way.

Using debris netting a construction company has wrapped a clock tower in debris netting for a project, but they did so in their famous blue and white colors of Ipswich Town team. The only problem is that the clock tower is located on top of the Norwich City Hall in the center of town.

The $21,000 project will last about a week while the city hall sports the colors of its rivals. The opposing teams are both enjoying the social media attention and friendly rivalry but one thing is for sure they are both great sports about the whole thing!

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