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Netting News Week 12 - Housekeeping

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Pirates Baseball Netting

PNC Park - Home of the Pittsburgh Pirates

Recently announced that our nearby Major League Baseball team is extending and replacing its safety netting. The Pittsburgh Pirates and PNC Park will have a new addition soon. Spectator safety is a high priority to the Pittsburgh Pirates and with the new netting comes the ability to see more and experience the game with peace of mind. A new, more transparent net will hang high behind home plate and extend all the way to the far end of each dugout and create the safest environment for the fans.

Don’t worry, baseball fans. You will still have plenty of seats outside of the safety net to be up close to the action. The net will simply protect and give more time for a reaction to foul balls or high flying pop-ups.

Fall Safety for Manufacturing Too!

Empty Factory

In the past, fall safety and prevention has been number one on the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's (OSHA's) list of violations. Slips and falls can result in very tragic outcomes for workers and business owners. While some may presume fall safety to be relevant only in the construction field, warehouses, damaged steps, clutter, or greasy surfaces often lead to fall hazards and OSHA violations as well.

Good Housekeeping

Like your home, you should have a list of chores to do around to make your living area more livable, clean, and presentable to guests. Your work area should be the same, shouldn’t it? When many of us spend 40+ hours a week at a job site or working in a warehouse, we at US Netting have a few chores for you to keep things safe and clean.

  • Keep aisles and exits clear of items
  • Replace worn, uneven, or damaged flooring
  • Report and clean up spills, leaks, or pooling liquids
  • Install warning signs mirrors and safety equipment to prevent blind spots
  • Make sure the lights are in working order providing adequate light

Scaffolding, mezzanines, or high work areas above the shop floors should always have a safety mechanism, or safety netting in place. Finally, the easiest step to take is making sure you provide adequate training on new machinery, work processes, and all OSHA regulations.

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Samsung Expanding US Manufacturing

Last Wednesday global technology giant, Samsung announced they their preliminary discussion to build a large manufacturing facility in the United States. This factory would be used to produce home appliances.

The announcement of the plant comes after Amazon announced to create more than 100,000 new full-time jobs in the U.S. Among other notable businesses Intel also released plans for a seven billion dollar factory to be built in Arizona.

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