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Listen Close and Let it Ring! Netting News #8

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Cleaning Up Ocean Plastics

Styrofoam, plastic toys, bouys, and even a few shoes are just a small list of items found by Close Dubois and James Middleton. The founders of Ocean Legacy Foundation and the crew members have already set a massive clean up effort in the ocean off Vancouver Island.

They have collected nearly 20 tons in just a few months! Much of the warehouse space, volunteers, and capital grants have all been donated to the Ocean Legacy Foundation. “The website is a key because people do know of spots and report picture or GPS coordinates.” Said Dubois “They tell us how this plastic is affecting their communities.”. This social interaction can help people stay involved and continue to make our oceans a better,cleaner place. By using technology the two are able to get more and more people involved in the clean up effort.

A few of the items they have collected such as the 200 pounds of shoes have been donated to a local artist for a project he’s working on. Many other items will continue to be recycled, reused, or repurposed.


The Sound of Drones

Waking up to the sound of chirping birds, the rays of sunshine upon your face and the buzzing sound of drones.

Helping to record the sound of living creatures drones can help perfectly for filling in a few small gaps.

The project includes rigging up a few recorders to high powered drones. Thus allowing the researchers access to dangerous terrain and unreachable heights.

Ecologists from the Pennsylvania Gettysburg College put this to the test by adding a audio recorder to a drone. using fishing wire dangling below the drone nearly 26ft (as to not scare the birds away).

During this they collected 51 different birds in a few different locations.

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Houston Astros New Netting

Net em' up Astro!

From cell phones to extra cheese for your nachos the distractions at any baseball park have doubled, or even tripled in recent years. If you choose to sit behind the dugout you will get the best view of the game, the park, and be sitting in the most dangerous seats in the ballpark. Well soon The Houston Astros Minute Maid Park will be adding another 12 feet of netting across each dugout area.

The baseball netting will be able to move and slide so during autograph signing and other events it may be able to move. This will netting is set in place to help protect the fans.

Baseballs in Safety Netting

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