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Netting News Week 7 - Flying Cars and New Jobs!

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New Manufacturing Jobs

Upgrades in technology, changes in our country, and the diminishing amount of lower-skilled blue-collar workers are causing some serious problems across our great land. While the trade of manufacturing is growing and slowly becoming our countries goldmine industry again.

Despite our quickly expanding economy and all-time low unemployment rates the numbers, but, this figure does not show the increasing number long unemployed individuals. Nearly 10 percent nationally this rate is more than it has been in the last 20 years of our country.

How Can We Fix This

According to the Boston Globe "to create an environment that supports the workforce in embracing and adapting the digital workplace.". This can be achieved by growing our educational system to teach upcoming generations skills like computer science, woodworking, critical thinking, and other necessary life skills.

To conclude, advanced manufacturing will not fix the problems we have in our country nor will our industrial nation be taken over by robots. It's changing, progressing, and learning to be the workforce of the future in the United States.

Individual Welding

Lets Fly!

Think back to everyone dreaming and hoping to fly to work one day. Being able to avoid roads streets and traffic as you take off. Uber Elevate is the newest step in this direction.

The silicon valley company UBER has hired many different NASA engineers for a new project. The 'Uber Elevate' Project is the companies official flying car research team. One of the most well-known engineers they have brought onto this team is Mike Moore. Moore is very well known for his paper on the feasibility of flying cars, and research into vertical take-off and landing.

Intel Shooting Star Drones

The challenges that come with a flying car, besides the cost, is the many regulatory approvals from companies like the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration).

Let it Ring

Earlier this week a bell ringer in the United Kingdom has himself in a bit of a predicament. While performing a routine bell ringing his foot caught and wrapped around his foot yanking him helplessly 100 feet into the air in front of his 19 other bell ringers, and stunned worshippers at Worcester Cathedral.

The bell ringer was rushed to the hospital with a deep head wound and a fractured bone in his back during this incident.

Get well soon and watch out for the ropes on your road to recovery.

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