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Netting News Week 4 - Close the Hatch!

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Hatch Netting!

Newly updated page on US Netting

An update has been made to US Netting. We have recently updated our hatch netting page! Making it easier to view order and learn about the different nets we offer.

Our hatch netting fall-through protection system reduces the risk of death or injury from a hatch or pit. This net meets and/or exceeds applicable OSHA and ANSI regulations.

  • OSHA 1910.23 Conformance
  • OSHA 1910.145 Label Specification
  • OSHA 1910.144 Color Specification
  • OSHA 1926.105 Safety Nets

The netting is made with a UV-resistant Polyester with a minimum breaking strength of 3,800 lbs. This lightweight prevention system is a lightweight solution for any hatch oil pit or nearly any fall-through risk. The best part is US Netting, the Custom Netting Experts are able to construct nearly any shape and size for your facility.

Hatch Netting

Battle of the Birds

What happens when a Canadian goose gets stuck in an airplane engine? If you have watched the Tom Hanks Movie “Sully” you’ll know exactly what happens. It’s not good for both the bird and the large airplane engine. One small start-up has an idea to combat that and that is drones.

This drone designed to look and even fly like a flapping creature of prey. Clear Flight Solutions’ Robird is a drone that is designed to scare away birds such as geese to keep the runways of airports free of such dangers.

The advantage of using a drone over an actual bird of prey is it’s remote-controlled, the owner does not need to feed it, and more than one may share a large airspace at the same time. This project has taken nearly 15 years to get the flapping drone ready enough to fly with full control. Just like a sheepdog is used to control sheep. This raptor is used to control the geese and lead them away from the dangers in an airspace.

At this time, the company is not ready for full-scale orders or requests. Yet, they have already been requested by many large airports, private owners of smaller jets, and even military personnel.

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From Drought to Mudslide: the story of California

In the last 5 years a horrible drought has hit and nearly taken over the California canyons. In what some consider bone dry conditions water has become very scares and nearly non existent. Creeks and streams have disappeared and nearly became nonexistent.

California Mud Slide damage

Photo from Mark Boster/ Los Angeles Times

Yet last week the skies opened up dumping nearly 2 inches of rain in under an hour and up to 10 inches in some areas. Creaks quickly have become filled and running with water this creating mudslides of broken brush and broken trees that poured down from the burned slops left over from the fires earlier the past summer. Five cabins lifted off the foundations and swept down the creek. Claiming 22 vehicles and nearly 24 people have been rescued.

While this water is great for the people of California. The flow of the mudslides while a natural occurrence, but it has become very dangerous for the people who have built homes and cabins on this land, and in the path of the destruction.

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To everyone in California right now. Please be safe.

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