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Netting News Week 1 - U.S. Manufacturing is Growing

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The Numbers are in! U.S. Manufacturing is Growing, and Fast!

According to Bloomberg, American manufacturing is growing. Numbers from December of 2016 show manufacturing at its fastest pace in over two years.

Here's what we know about the growth

Thanks to the Labor Department and the national payroll report, it's projected that 180,000 jobs have been added in December of 2016. This is right in line with the monthly average for 2016. (We did the math that's 2,160,000 jobs in 2016)

It's being reported that most of this growth is from a boost in export orders. This jump in manufacturing orders would be one of the strongest months since May of 2014 for the United States Industrial Market.

If You're, Cold They are Cold

The world has been overthrown by technology from cell phone covers in the shape of unicorns to flying world of drones. Well what happens when that technology gets cold? Well the battery drains, propellers freeze up, and touch screens become nearly impossible to use without special gloves.

A small company out of San Francisco has your covered with custom-tailored drone sweaters. Keep it protected from the cold and stop the shivering while adventuring in the great outdoors.

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