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The Many Uses and Benefits of Stainless Steel Netting

When you think of stainless steel netting, chances are you think about their industrial use such as netting for fall protection or its use as a barricade for driver safety in the mountains. But there are other uses that architects and garden designers are finding for this material in commercial and residential use.

The Gabion Wall at the right (courtesy of Susan Cohen Gardens) shows one of the latest applications of stainless steel netting in the residential arena.

Since any size rock material can be used within the netting, the expense of a rock wall for the perimeter of a home is decreased dramatically; not to mention, the lack of technical expertise needed. Anytime that you can save your customer money, you know it can only be to your benefit.

By placing the rock (and in this case, concrete) material inside the steel netting, the home gardener can insert plants into the open spaces, prevent stones from getting loosened and falling on a child and still having the option to plant climbing plants that will find their way up the wall allows them to personalize their space. Due to the strength of steel netting, the wall can be built as high as desired.

steel net used for hedge row

Creating green spaces on rooftops, as screens for walkways or as backdrops in an outdoor café is another trend-setting method of introducing greenery to a concrete jungle.

The advantage of using steel netting in this fashion permits a smaller footprint for hedges— and that means lower water waste and usage.

Hanging and climbing gardens take less care and maintenance, provide shade for the interior spaces during hot summer days...

In Tokyo and Shanghai, where both commercial and residential living is primarily vertical, customized stainless steel netting can be draped as high and wide as it will benefit your project. Taking this concept to the next level, draping hotel exteriors on sides that have views of parking lots and dumpsters can increase the room rate when advertised as “garden view”.

hanging garden with steel netting

Hanging and climbing gardens take less care and maintenance, provide shade for the interior spaces during hot summer days, cheers people up when they can gaze at green material and softens the visual edges of hard surfaces.

Stainless or Galvanized Steel Netting for Safety

steel netting for rockfall protection

Traveling through mountainous areas in New Hampshire, Tennessee, New York, Colorado, Wyoming or Washington State, you are likely to see the rocky walls of the cutouts embracing the highways, draped with steel netting. Of all the various methods tried in order to prevent rockslides from crushing passing vehicles, steel netting and steel net fencing has proven the most effective and safest for wildlife. Because the net openings are small, deer and other animals do not get hung up in the fencing and are prevented from climbing the face of the mountain lining the highways.

steel netting on bridge

In July of this year, the horrific story of a parent that tossed their 7-month old baby over the side of a bridge in Connecticut came to limelight. For years this bridge has been the favorite of adults and teens who wanted to commit suicide.

The list also included bungee jumpers a few years ago until one hit their head on the piling. The mayor is now pushing for the installation of steel netting along the sides of this bridge.Using stainless steel netting as fencing on bridges has proven to be a successful deterrent to bridge jumpers and accidental falls by daring teenagers.

Safety netting is not just for humans but can be used to protect expensive equipment from damage, as well. One of the more unique commercial purposes of steel netting is to place it around the wave-making machinery used at these surfing parks such as the one in Wales shown below (courtesy of the Daily Mail).

surfing park usese steel netting

Stainless steel and galvanized netting is one of the more useful products in the netting industry. If you can imagine it, we can help you execute it. For custom production and special project information, contact us using our rapid response email form or call Monday through Friday for a Sales Engineer to assist you.

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