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Cargo Nets: The Ultimate Gift for Dad

Looking for a great useful and practical Father’s Day gift idea? Dads tackle all kinds of jobs, and so do their vehicles. Maybe he’s moving furniture or lumber from the home improvement store with his pickup. Maybe he’s hauling a trailer full of dirt or shredded bark for landscaping. Maybe he has firewood or camping gear on the back of his ATV, or coolers and other hunting or fishing gear on a carrier on the back of his truck. No matter what the cargo is, he’ll want to make sure it’s fastened securely to prevent personal injury, loss, or damage. For Father’s Day, why not make all his jobs easier by giving him one of our truck and trailer cargo net products?

One excellent gift choice is our Ultimate Truck Cargo Net Tie Down Kit, which comes complete with everything Dad needs for hauling large loads safely in his pickup. There are 4 nylon fastening straps with premium snap hooks, 4 nylon tie-down straps with S hooks, and 1 high-tensile 25-foot tow strap. The cargo net itself comes in small (83-inch by 65-inch) or large (113-inch by 90-inch) sizes and is made with 1-inch polyester webbing, which is UV resistant and will not rot or mildew.

Polyester webbing is soft and flexible enough to shape to even an irregular load, but has tremendous strength. These cargo nets also feature our patent pending high-visibility anchor points, which means the sewn-in loops for fastening are in a brightly contrasting color for quick and easy use. The final piece in the kit is a durable all-weather bag for convenient storage. As additional options, the nets can be made with a debris liner (a layer of smaller mesh net to help hold down finer loads such as topsoil or shredded bark) or with water-resistant cordura backing for extra protection from the elements.

If Dad doesn’t need a complete kit, we also offer individual truck nets made with polyester webbing. One style fastens with sewn-in loops and comes in small (83-inch by 65-inch) or large (113-inch by 90-inch) sizes, and can include a debris liner or cordura backing. The other style uses grommets for fastening and comes in 55-inch by 55-inch or 55-inch by 76-inch sizes, with a debris liner option.

With these cargo nets, Dad can safely deliver a futon to his college kid’s apartment, bring home that huge new barbeque grill for summer cookouts, or haul the materials to build a new shed or treehouse in the back yard. We also have nets in various sizes designed for use with trailer or carrier attachments, or with ATVs. These are also made with polyester webbing and have sewn-in 32-inch fastening straps with S hooks and a cam buckle. They are perfect for securing outdoor gear, picnic coolers, or wood for a campfire.

Whatever projects Dad comes up with this summer, for work or play, we have a cargo netting solution that can help him out. For Father’s Day, show him how much you appreciate him by selecting just the right gift to get the job done. For more product details, call our sales engineers at 1-800-331-2973 for personalized service.

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