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Golf Cages: Can You Take Chances With Safety

Golf is a safe sport, right? The worst that can happen is losing a ball to a water feature, or a fender bender in the golf cart, right? Wrong!

Consider the fact that a golf ball hit with a driver may be traveling at 165 miles per hour or more, and given the ball’s small surface area, it can hit an unintended target with a very high impact. That’s basic physics. Add in some basic biology (the human body isn’t intended as a target for that kind of impact) and it’s time to consider some safety gear. No, it’s not likely that helmets or goggles will come into style on the golf course any time soon, but a basic golf cage or netting at a driving range (or even a back yard) can prevent disastrous injury.

It is worth noting that nearly forty thousand golfers a year are treated in emergency rooms after being hit on the golf course, and although the impact of a golf ball to the head is less than what you could usually expect in a head-on automobile crash, it can still cause cerebral bleeding, concussion, and in some cases even a fractured skull. There have even been a number of recorded fatalities around the world, with the elderly and the young being most at risk of dying from the injury. Golf may be just a game, but it’s certainly not worth playing with your safety, or that of your family.

The Benefits of At-Home Golf Cages

The easiest safety measure for your golf practice is a simple golf cage kit that you can pop up in no time and take down when you want to tuck it away till the next time. Of course you can also leave it in place in a yard or practice area, but you have the versatility afforded by choice when it comes to storage or leaving it set up.

Consider the advantages of a back yard practice area. You don’t have to take the time (or gas, or entrance fee) for driving to a driving range for your practice. Got a few minutes after work? Unwind with some practice swings! Feeling the need for a little exercise? It doesn’t have to be a planned event when you have the golf cage just outside your patio door. It’s also far cheaper than regular use of a driving range for your practice. All you have to consider is the one time purchase fee, and you have season upon season of practice time safely secured, in the convenience of your own back yard.

And remember that not only is a golf cage a safety precaution for your kids, family and neighbors, but also for your house, siding, windows, vehicles, and other property that might not react well to a stray chip shot!

Golf Cage Options

As the manufacturers cleverly proclaim, a good golf cage can be “where DIY meets PGA.” Each of the available kits can be assembled with ease, and provide a professional quality cage for either indoor or outdoor use. Depending on your budget and the materials you already have at hand, you can choose from several options:

  • The Net Package provides the professional-grade golf netting with fastening straps to attach to a PVC frame of your own construction.
  • The Basic Kit includes the same pro-quality golf net, along with the straps and fasteners, as well as an additional backstop net and a target, and the corner kit for PVC (a pair of 2-way corners and half a dozen 3-way corners, so all you need is the straight PVC).
  • The premium kit includes all the components of the Basic Kit, as well as the PVC pipes already cut to the right lengths to create your golf cage in minutes.

The same range of options (Net, Basic, and Premium) is also offered in three different sizes (Small, Medium, and Large) to suit whatever circumstances you envision for your practice space. You can also customize a golf cage with regard to size, webbing or rope borders, and other elements of the cage you envision. The same materials are used in these golf cage nets as the driving range netting made to withstand years of outdoor life on the professional ranges. With that, you can essentially import the safety and convenience of a driving range to your own private space. You can safely practice your swing whenever you feel in the mood, thanks to the ease of this home set up kit.


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