Artist Canvas Diagram

Artists Canvas

We stock 62" widths and various yard length rolls to fit your needs. Artist canvas is pre-primed white.

Use for: Murals, Floor Cloths, Paintings, Stage & Photo Backdrops, and many other applications!

Artist Canvas: Custom panels

Custom canvas panels pre-treated with primer on one side. Available with or without grommets. Grommets can be placed either only at corners or at the corners & evenly spaced along all borders.
Custom Panels of Artist Canvas

Purchase Custom Panels

Price per sq. ft.: $14.02   | Product Code: ARTCNV-PANEL

Add grommets evenly spaced around perimeter for additional .85 per sq. ft.

Note: Widths greater than 60 inches will be sewn or welded together, creating a seam.

Artist Canvas: By the foot

Custom lengths of artist canvas material at a width of 62 inches.
Artist Seam

Custom Length x 62"

Price per foot x 62" Width: $4.67 | Product Code: ARTCNV-L-62

If you would like to have your canvas rolled rather than folded a $31.50 surcharge for sending canvas via freight will be added.

Artist Canvas: Bulk Rolls

Canvas Picture

Purchase By The Roll

Product Code Width Size Price
ARTCNV-ROLL-62-300 62" Wide 300 Foot $1,512.00
ARTCNV-ROLL-62-150 62" Wide 150 Foot $701.40
ARTCNV-ROLL-62-75 62" Wide 75 Foot $350.70