All about custom and in-stock webbing based products

December 29, 2016 - Ed

At US Netting we are your custom webbing experts. We have 25 years of experience fabricating and constructing prototypes with webbing materials. The most common materials currently in use include Nylon, Kevlar™, Polyester, and Polypropylene. US Netting has access to a large range of specialty webbing materials including anti-static, fire retardant, and more.

Proprietary Products

Aside from being the custom webbing material experts, we have several proprietary products. We fabricate these products in-house in the United States. Some of the products that we keep in stock are the following.

At US Netting we have proprietary in-stock items available. The above list includes some off-the-shelf safety items we provide. Our main expertise is fabricating custom solutions for businesses of all sizes. We are second to none on speed, quality, and experience fabricating custom webbing products. Our sales representatives would like to assist you by answering your questions about securing, containing, or whatever it is your application needs.

In-house metal fabrication shop works hand in hand with our webbing fabricators. They build out hardware and attachment pieces specific to client needs. Fabricators often work on combining materials. An example (as shown) is a knotted nylon style sports netting with webbing borders. In this particular occasion, the webbing is sewn to create a pocket for stabilizer bars.

Contact us for help via email ( or call us at 1-800-331-2973 and we will assist you with your needs.