Netting News 26 - Get Ready for Rest

July 05, 2017 - Alex

Netting News #26

Get Ready for Rest

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Sleeping In

How much do you sleep every night?

  • A) 8-10 Hours
  • B) 5-7 Hours
  • C) 2-4 Hours

If you picked anything but 8-10 hours you probably are not getting enough sleep. This Lack of sleep can lead to long days at work, poor social interactions, and much more. Fatigue can be harmful in very fast paced environments such as warehouse or manufacturing. Lacking sleep can lead to slower reaction times that could be crucial for many jobs, and this can lead to errors. Workers like taxi and bus drivers can suffer from this. The highest rate of an accident is early mornings or after a short night of rest.

How can we prevent this? While you can’t always track workers home and force them to sleep, you can take measures such as taking breaks and educating men and women on better sleep habits so the employees can combat this issue themselves. Another way is to have people working only during the day. If your company is unable to do that; try restricting consecutive days to 5 and night shifts to four. Finally, the quickest and easiest way to prevent fatigue in the workplace is by providing frequent breaks and places to take them.

Sleep Facts:

  • People who work several Jobs get 40 minutes less of sleep per day than those who work one job.
  • Night shift workers are at a 31% higher risk for injury than morning shift workers.
  • Overtime work, long hours, and harsh environments can grow fatigue faster.
  • About 38% of all U.S. Workers sleep less than 7 hours a night.

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All Caught Up

Last week in the State of New Jersey a few panicked bear cubs became panicked after becoming entangled in a batting cage . However, thanks to Detective Longo of the New Jersey Police department the bear cub is now free!

After posting the video on Instagram he was able to use his knife to create several cuts in the net thus making a large enough opening for the small black bear to escape unharmed. Rejoining its mother and siblings that are also featured within the Instagram video.

Great Job Detective Longo, and thank you for your service!


Survive the Revolution!

Our world is transforming not particularly physically but the way we as human being live, interact and create. Filling our homes and hands with smartphones, cameras, social media, and more. Growing change leads many to believe that we are changing and thought to be an explosion of data. According to a study from Oxford University, as much as 35% of all the job in the U.K. could be at risk of automation by the year 2037.

How do we prepare for this? Easy, prepare for the future and stay educated in your field. Remember we already have self-driving cars, trucks, and drones that can transport humans and lay bricks. One thing many people are considering is getting jobs in data. Sounds boring right? Not always, Many companies such as IBM will need engineers, directors, and creative minds to continue to grow.

Another way we can continue to grow and advance is by educating the youth. Teaching code, computer sciences, and data organization in schools will help boost many individuals interest in pursuing a life in data.


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