Black 30% Shade cloth

Black: 30%

Black Shade cloth 40%

Black: 40%

Black Shade cloth 50%

Black: 50%

Black Shade cloth 60%

Black: 60%

Black Shade cloth 70%

Black: 70%

Black Shade cloth 80%

Black: 80%

Black Shade cloth 90%

Black: 90%

webbed border example

Example of Webbed Border.

Black Shade Cloth Details

Black shade cloth is ideal for every application. Naturally resists the sun's harmful UV radiation for years.

Give your garden, or greenhouse better ventilation and water permeation. An open lockstitch design reduces wind speed and heat build-up in its structure.

Have shade cloth cut to length. Enter the width and length you desire and specify a border option. Regular cut edge or webbed border with brass grommets (every 24") is available. US Netting fabricates all shade cloth in the USA.

Tips to remember: 30-50% densities are typically better for vegetation. 80-90% is ideal for human and animal coverings.

Black Shade Cloth Calculator

Choose a shade cloth density and border option, then enter dimensions to calculate your order.

Product Code Density Price
SC-30-BLK 30% $0.53 sqft.
SC-40-BLK 40% $0.60 sqft.
SC-50-BLK 50% $0.73 sqft.
SC-60-BLK 60% $0.81 sqft.
SC-70-BLK 70% $0.85 sqft.
SC-80-BLK 80% $1.00 sqft.
SC-90-BLK 90% $1.05 sqft.

Product Features

  • Lightweight and easy-to-install
    20-25% lighter than woven shade cloth with dramatically more strength. Can be cut on site and will not unravel.
  • UV Protection
    UV resistant, high density polyethylene
  • Tough lockstitch knitted construction
    Resists rips, tears and fraying. Shade levels remain constant during product life.