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Shop our in-stock sizes of welding curtains or have a custom size welding curtain fabricated specifically for your application. Not sure what you need? Request a quote below, we can do any size and shape or quantity

Curtain Size Competitor Price Our Price Panel with Frame Color
6' W x 4' H 39.99 $31.45 N/A Black, Green, Yellow, Blue
6' W x 6' H 64.99 $52.45 $209.90 Black, Green, Yellow, Blue
8' W x 6' H 69.99 $57.70 $246.65 Black, Green, Yellow, Blue

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Custom Welding Curtains

High Quality Custom Protection

Our welding curtains are made to order and made to last with heavy duty 2-inch webbing borders that won't stretch, tear, or rip, unlike other welding screens. Quickly install using grommets with included zip ties or use snap hooks (sold separately) for hanging from wires.

Welding panel attached to frame

Welding Curtain Specifications:

  • 14 MIL(+/- 5%) PV Weld Screen Material
    • California Fire Marshall compliant
    • UV stabilized
    • Tensile Strength: 2550 psi
    • Tear Strength: 330 lbs/inch
  • 2 inch Polypropylene Webbing border
  • Nickle-Coated Brass grommets
    • at each corner
    • evenly spaced approx. every 18 inches
  • Heavy Duty 25-inch zip ties for quick install
    • one for each grommet

Custom Order Pricing

$4.73 Per Square Foot
Welding curtain border
Close-up of Welding Screen Corner
Welding curtain on wire
Hang Easily with HD Snap Hooks
Welding curtain comparisons
Our Panel vs. Their Panel

Welding Curtain Frames

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Welding curtain border
Easy to Assemble
Welding curtain on wire
One-man Assembly
Welding curtain comparisons
Sturdy EMT Conduit

Whether you need large quantities, custom shapes, or an extremely large size, you can always call our sales engineers at 1-800-331-2973 or e-mail at [email protected] We can't wait to assist you with your welding curtain needs.