Defender Gate™ 20 Barrier System

Defender Gate™ 20

  • Proudly USA Made
  • Double gate panels for added coverage
  • Powder coated yellow at 42” in height
  • Locking gate mechanism for security
  • Superior Personnel Protection
  • Zero Maintenance Required
  • Effortless closing/opening

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Gate Size: Gate Price: Buy Now:
6 Foot. $3450 - $4450
8 Foot. $3550 - $4750
9 Foot. $3650 - $4800
10 Foot. $3750 - $4950

Looking for a larger gate? View the Defender Gate™ XL

The Defender Gate™. This barrier gate has unmatchable design and components, with the added safety of an additional cross-beam. Everything needed to install (minus power tools) is included on shipment. The Defender Gate™ is the last barrier gate you will ever need. It is machined, fabricated and assembled in the USA. The gate stands 42" tall with an all steel construction. The steel barrier gate is held together by heavy duty plate steel hinges that contain 1" pivot pins with oilite bronze self oiling bushings. Prevent loading dock falls with the best impact barrier on the market.

DG-20 with Security Guard Attachment
DG-20 with Security Guard

The Defender Gate™ 20 is also available with our Security Guard attachment. This attachment adds additional barriers above, between, and below the mail rails of the gate to prevent access to dangeous or restricted areas.

  • Truck Driver Testimonial

    “30 years now I've been drivin' and I haven't seen anything as good as this gate. ” - P. Wilkerson (Delivery Services)

  • Truck Driver Testimonial

    “This is the first time I’ve seen or used anything this heavy duty and well made” - Anonymous Driver (Logistics Industry)

  • Truck Driver Testimonial

    “In 14 years of driving, this is the safest gate I’ve used. It is extremely easy to open as well” - Anonymous Driver (Logistics Industry)

  • Truck Driver Testimonial

    “Just take a look at the hinges on this thing. You can tell nothing was spared to construct this gate. I expected it to be heavy and clunky. Boy was I wrong” - Anonymous Driver (Delivery Services)

  • General Motors Testimonial

    "General Motors contacted US Netting to look at our loading dock positions and offer an alternative to our current safety barrier solution at our Lockport, NY facility. The goal was to make our loading docks more safe and secure. They are tough, simple, and reliable.- Dan Fitch (Facility Engineer)

Defender Gate™ 20

Item Number Size(ft.) Price
DG20-6 6 $3450
DG20-8 8 $3550
DG20-9 9 $3650
DG20-10 10 $3750

Defender Gate™ 20 with Security Guard Attachment

Item Number Size(ft.) Price
DG20-6SG 6 $4450
DG20-8SG 8 $4750
DG20-9SG 9 $4800
DG20-10SG 10 $4950

Loading Dock Safety Barriers: Extreme Strength

Loading dock safety gates have made the dock safety chain obsolete
Defender Gate™ Logo Two loading dock doors with our dock safety barriers in place

US Netting has taken the concepts behind common loading dock barriers made with static materials such as metal guard arms, chains, and screens, and improved upon them in every way. The Defender Gate™ safety barriers provide extreme protection unlike dock safety chains and PVC arms which provide little to no protection. Our barrier gates are man made in the USA with an all steel construction. We remain unmatched when it comes to strength, quality and customer service.

Combine all of this with the ease of our one man install and you have a safety barrier system that offers more protection, takes less damage, thus requires zero maintenance, and is as easy to install as it is to purchase.