Theatrical Rope

Black Rope for theatrical applications

We offer a variety of rope for use in the theatre. Made with utility, ease of use, and low offstage visibility in mind these ropes are sure to meet your theatrical needs.

Durastron Rope


Designed and manufacturer for the theatrical applications. Double braided jacket allows for a superior grip and superb handling. Solid contruction means it will stay round over pulleys unlike hollow braided ropes.


Item No. Diameter (in) Length (ft) Tensile Strength (lbs) Price
DR14-1400 1/4 1400 840 $703.50
DR38-900 3/8 900 2,400 $934.50
DR12-600 1/2 600 2,600 $1,076.25

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Black Solid Braid Polypropylene Rope

 black solid braid polypropylene rope

This smooth to the touch solid braid rope is an economical and cost effective rope that splices easily and has excellent knot strength. Safe for use near lighting equipment since it is dialetric and functions as an insulator. Also floats and is chemical resistant.


Floats, excellent knot strength, splices easily, economical, dialectric/insulator, chemical resistant.

Best Uses:

Theatrical rigging, horse lead rope

5/8-Inch Diameter Solid Braid Black Polypropylene Rope

Item No. Diameter (in) Length (ft) Tensile Strength (lbs) Price
SBPPR58-200 5/8 200 2,600 $294.00
SBPPR58-500 5/8 500 2,600 $703.50

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