Solid Braid Rope

We carry a large variety of solid braid rope in many colors. Solid braid polypropylene rope floats, is chemical resistant, and will not unravel when cut. Great for use in and around water for applications like towing tubes on the lake, tying up your canoe to the dock, and much more.

1/2-Inch Diameter Solid Braid Polyproylene Rope

Polypropylene Colors


Floats, dialectric/insulator, chemical resistant, won't unravel when cut

Best Uses

Marine, water sports, barrier & crowd control, around electric lines

Available Colors:

Red, Orange, Blue, Green, Black

Polypropylene Blue
Polypropylene Green
Polypropylene Red

1/2" Solid Braid Polypropylene Rope

Length(ft) Tensile Strength(lbs) Price
Per Foot 2,200 $1.52
1000 2,200 $1,086.75

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1/2 Inch x 1000 Foot Length Spool

Black Solid Braid Polypropylene Rope

Solid Braid Polypropylene


Floats, Excellent knot strength, Splices easily, Economical, Dialectric/insulator, Chemical resistant

Best Uses

Theatrical rigging, Horse lead rope

5/8 Solid Braid Black Polypropylene Rope

Length(ft) Tensile Strength(lbs) Price
Per Foot 2,600 $1.94
200 2,600 $294.00
500 2,600 $703.50

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