Manufacturing Capabilities:

We design and manufacture netting constructed of rope, nylon webbing, or other specialty materials. Uses for these nets include applications for security, materials handling, sports, and safety.

Past Performance:

Asset Protection Anti-Terrorism Barriers Personal Protection Barriers Man Overboard Scramble/Rescue Nets Cargo Protection Slings Tarpaulins

We are a small business with 26 employees located in northwest Pennsylvania. Established in 1987, we are now located in a new 25,000 square foot facility.

GSA Contract Holder

Partial Customer List:
  • U.S. Army
  • Marine Corps
  • Navy
  • Air Force
  • Coast Guard
  • Boeing
  • Northrop Grumman
  • Teledyne
  • Lockheed Martin
  • General Dynamics
  • General Electric
  • Weyerhaeuser
  • Electric Boat
  • Department of Energy
  • USDA
  • Waste Management
  • Grainger
  • Actus Lend Lease
  • Honeywell
  • United Defense Group

Cargo Lifting Net
Milspec Webbing 
                    Steel Net Photo

Watch as we outline the working load limit of our webbing used in many of our custom netting products.

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