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Standard Widths: 6 1/2', 13', and 26'
Roll Length: up to 2,000'
UV Stabilization Warranty: 5 years under covering; 4 years over the greenhouse

ALUMINET® Cool Shade

Aluminet is a special knitted screen made from metalized HDPE. The fibers are produced from mono-oriented HDPE, giving the fiber durability and longevity. After an aluminum metalization process, the films are covered with a special anti-oxidation coating. The net is knitted into a precise uniform texture. The net meets the ASTM-D 3887 standard.(Details pictured at left)

Aluminum Shade Cloth Reasons for Use</h4>
  • save energy
  • high reflectability
  • UV stabilized
  • high tensile strength
  • lightweight, easy to handle
  • protects against frost
  • improves light diffusion
  • easily fastened

Thermal Screen — Acts Like A Mirror

Aluminet® THERMAL SCREENS offer superior year round climatic protection for flowers, potted plants and vegetables. Aluminet acts like a mirror as its unique aluminized screens reflect unwated sunlight and harmful radiation heat from the greenhouse during summer, and preserve the heat inside the greenhouse in winter.

When used as a retractable curtain on the inside of the greenhouse, Aluminet reflects out the unwanted radiation and heat during the day. During cooler temperatures, it preserves the heat inside the greenhouse. The open structure of the screen creates a cooler climate, making it excellent for use in high humidity conditions.

Shade Cloth — Shades and Cools

Due to the superior reflectability and light weight of Aluminet, it is the perfect cloth to cover the outside of a greenhouse instead of standard black shade cloth. In addition to providing all the benefits of standard shade cloth, IT DOES NOT ABSORB THE HEAT. Its dual functionability both shades and COOLS the greenhouse. Much lighter in weight than standard shade cloth, Aluminet is easy and quick to install.

Aluminet is also used as a direct covering over vegetable crops. The aluminized screens not only provide shade, but also protect against frost. Under actual field conditions, crops covered with black shade cloth during frost conditions were totally damaged, while crops covered with Aluminet had no damage whatsover.

30%, 40%, 50%, 60%, and 70% available by special order

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Shade Level 30% 40% 50% 60% 70%
Energy Savings N/A 15% 20% 40% 45%
Direct Light Transmission 70% 55% 50% 40% 30%
Burst Strength (kg/cm2) 3.9 3.6 3.7 4.3 4.7
Weight (oz/sq. ft.) 1.97 1.86 2.01 2.53 2.57
Diffuse Light Transmission 72% 75% 65% 55% 45%